Clark Smith is passionate about everything he does...

  As an advertising photographer for three decades, Clark has built a successful career in a competitive field with consistent fresh vision and insight to a diverse client base.

  “In the business you have to be a great problem solver. Years of experience handling details culminates into a successful photo shoot. I love to create clean, crisp, photographs with an eye for simplifying objects depicting their form and texture. My passion for people, products and places has given me the freedom to work with editorial, design, annual report and advertising clients.”

  Clark studied at Brooks Institute of Photography, in Santa Barbara. His journey has produced evocative images with a strong use of light and design. Clark continually demonstrates his commitment to sharing his experience and insight not only with clients, but creative professionals regionally. He regularly travels on assignment and for pleasure in Northern New England. He lives in Georgia with his lovely wife and daughter.

Contact Information

Clark Smith
618 South Glenwood Place
Dalton, GA 30721-3354
e | clark@clarksmithstudio.com
t | 706.226.2508